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Umbrella 13' Square

Umbrella 13' Square


Superior Recreational Product's fixed waterproof umbrella is a fantastic option for a budget conscious customer looking for all weather protection. These waterproof tensile structures use a heat sealed membrane canopy that is fully waterproof rather than our traditional shade cloth.


Available in Ferrari 502 Satin, or Ferrari STAM 6002L fabric which offers a more textured finish, these umbrellas are ideal for any commercial application, the Fixed Waterproof umbrella combines our Glide Elbow™ convenience with waterproof fabric — an umbrella unlike any other.


Dimensions: 13' x 13'

Entry Heights: 8'

Mounting Option: In-ground

Standard Wind Loads w/ Fabric: 90 MPH

Standard Wind Loads w/o Fabric: N/A Type:

Umbrella Type: Waterproof Glide Elbow

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