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Shift Daybed

Shift Daybed


The Shift Daybed is designed to create the perfect private escape. Completely customizable with cushions, awnings, an array of wall styles, and two types of bases that are all made out of UV resistant, high-quality outdoor materials. With a dual reclining bed that has 5 positions customizable to your comfort, you can lay flat or sit up. The Daybed is perfect for on a patio or deck and can also be used in the pool on a ledge with water depths up to 13 inches.



  • Designed for up to 13” of water, or on-deck use
  • Perfect for residential or commercial settings
  • UV stable, moisture and mildew resistant
  • Withstands outdoor environment without swelling, splintering, fading, or warping
  • Crafted of an extruded, high-density polyethylene
  • High-quality cushions made of outdoor fabrics and EZ Dri foam, allowing fast water drainage and air circulation
  • Awning system made of UV resistant Soltis 86 material
  • Dual reclining bed with 5 positions
  • Customizable base and wall styles



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