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Grand Contour Memorial  Bench With Back Free Standing

Grand Contour Memorial Bench With Back Free Standing


6' Contour benches deliver strength and unmatched durability! Three different material patterns are offered. These include the smooth laser-cut steel, modern welded rod, or traditional expanded metal. The ergonomic design is engineered to bring comfort to all who experience its graceful contour. Take curb appeal to a heightened level. In-line seating offers the look and the comfort you need.


Rugged strength and perfect design make our in-line series popular. This style is beneficial in highly active settings. Most noteworthy, there is no exposed steel on any Polysteel PVC coated product. Hence, environmental elements are sealed out.


The Grand Contour Benches cannot rust! The thick coating has bonded to the steel. As a result, it durable enough as to not chip away. Additionally, the coated steel seat is very comfortable. Plus it never gets too hot from the sun.

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