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6' Bistro Square Fiberglass Umbrellas

6' Bistro Square Fiberglass Umbrella


6' Bistro Square Fiberglass Umbrellas; Solid Square Bistro Fiberglass Umbrellas are designed and manufactured to be highly durable, with the ability to stand up to high winds and constant use, as well as the sun’s non-stop UV rays.


Measuring 6’ x 6’, these umbrellas provide 36 square feet of shade and comfort. Plus, they come with a three-year workmanship guarantee, which includes cracking, fading or peeling paint. Only the most durable materials, including commercial-grade polyurethane paint that’s easy to wipe down and maintains its vibrant color for years. In fact, our customers often tell us that these umbrellas maintain their attractive appearance and functionality for 15 years and longer.

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