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4-Ply Cypress Roman Arc 15ft Wood Hammock Stand

4-Ply Cypress Roman Arc 15ft Wood Hammock Stand


**Hammock and Pillow Sold Separately!

So gosh-darn pretty we sometimes catch ourselves feeling maybe just a little bit too proud!

Among the most-copied products in the casual furniture industry, our effortlessly stylish signature stand is crafted from four layers of gorgeous Southern cypress with a layer of honey-gold sealant, for heightened weatherability.

Recalling the classic European architecture of its name, our Roman Arc's sumptuous central curve is perhaps even more reminiscent of the body of some bygone sailing ship. That's entirely fitting, as the gentle sway this singular stand promotes can seem like the steady lapping of a glassy ocean on a mildly breezy day.

So make no mistake: This award-winning stand design is as much eye-enticing backyard-beauty enhancement as it is superb hammock support. As the cypress ages the wood slowly turns a gorgeous light silver.


Stand-Out Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Made of beautiful Cypress wood
  • 4-ply Classic Roman Arc Design
  • Award Winning Arcing Design
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