Shorea Adirondack Chair

Shorea Adirondack Chair


Sit back and enjoy the view. The Oxford Adirondack, so classic, so stylish, so durable, and above all else, so very comfortable. We’ve gone to great lengths to make this the choice of all chairs for spending quiet time to read, catch a sunset, or take a nap under your favorite shade tree. After studying, building, and rebuilding our chair many times, we have been able to create the perfect angles for maximum comfort. It is so relaxing for your back, neck, and head, and when it is time to get up, unlike many adirondack chairs, ours will let your get up easily. Try it. You will appreciate the difference. Our Adirondack is made of shorea, a teak family wood that is more dense and heavy than teak. Shorea requires no finishing and will not rot when left outdoors where rain and sun will damage other lesser quality woods. Left untreated, shorea will weather to a soft warm shade of gray similar to the weathering of teak. Sturdy construction and quality joinery that will last for many years. Original color can be maintained by applying a seasonal coat of teak oil. Don't forget to add extra comfort and more relaxtion by adding our Adirondack Foot Stool to complete your selection.


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