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Allure Umbrellas

Allure Umbrellas


The LUXY series offers the strength and beauty of stainless steel, with the innovation of a premium fiberglass rib system. This combination adds flexibility and longevity under windy conditions by using thicker and more resilient fiberglass. In addition, its substantial and strong single piece pole has twice the wall thickness of the average umbrella. A deluxe pulley lift system completes the simple and sleek design that satisfies the high demand of a commercial grade customer. The 9ft and extra-large 11 foot canopies comes in a wide variety of color and is delivered with a standard double wind vent cut at no extra charge! Strength and resilience are what commercial customers demand; and the innovative LUXY series is unmatched in both categories.



  • model: LUXY118, LUXY908
  • commercial grade design
  • 9ft and extra Large 11 foot diameter canopies
  • standard double wind vent canopy design (Not an upgrade!)
  • 8 premium durable fiberglass ribs with ½” wall thickness
  • riveted and reinforced rib joints
  • high durable aluminum hub
  • deluxe pulley lift system
  • durable 1½“stainless steel pole with 2mm wall thickness (2x the norm)
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